Orquidea R. Avatar
Orquidea R.
4 star rating
4/20/2022 - Yelp

Really enjoyed the set up at this place with the portraits on the walls and the hall/banquet style feel to... read more

Nancy R. Avatar
Nancy R.
5 star rating
2/16/2022 - Yelp

Meaza is our go to place for Ethiopian food. Everything is delicious and the staff is very friendly and... read more

Joy Z. Avatar
Joy Z.
5 star rating
1/19/2022 - Yelp

We got kitfo -- it was excellent! The injera was so fluffy. The service was fast (but we went at... read more

Audrey G. Avatar
Audrey G.
4 star rating
1/04/2022 - Yelp

We've been going to Meaza restaurant for many years and have always been happy with their food. Sometimes service... read more

Art G. Avatar
Art G.
5 star rating
1/01/2022 - Yelp

Amazing food... could be a local favorite if the service would improve. Most importantly, remove the grumpy old lady that... read more

Polina K. Avatar
Polina K.
4 star rating
12/10/2021 - Yelp


Food: DELICIOUS. I absolutely love this place, it delivers every time. I'm even thinking moving closer so I can have...
read more

Lexy A. Avatar
Lexy A.
5 star rating
11/14/2021 - Yelp

AMAZING food, I cannot stop ordering, thank you so much for putting up with my cravings!

DeVonne Robertson Avatar
DeVonne Robertson
10/24/2021 - Google

I’ve been visiting this restaurant for about 15 years! This is my go-to place for a fine lunch after church... read more

Enrique A. Avatar
Enrique A.
5 star rating
10/15/2021 - Yelp

Great food! We've been coming since 2010 Owner came to check on us frequently as usual! Love the food and service!

Roger Klurfeld Avatar
Roger Klurfeld
10/04/2021 - Google

Had the vegetable combo. Great taste. Enough for lunch for two.

Sandra B. Avatar
Sandra B.
4 star rating
9/28/2021 - Yelp

First time trying Ethiopian food, and it was delicious. The spiced lamb is subtle and flavorful, not overpowering. We also... read more

Brian L. Avatar
Brian L.
4 star rating
8/31/2021 - Yelp

I love love love Ethiopian food! While I haven't tried any other places in the DMV area, this food is... read more

K. Anand S. Avatar
K. Anand S.
4 star rating
6/24/2021 - Yelp

Great food. I ordered #7, vegetarian platter. The greens and cabbage was perfect; not too soggy but nicely seasoned. Injera... read more

Sonya H. Avatar
Sonya H.
4 star rating
6/20/2021 - Yelp

One of my all-time favorite things about D.C. is the incredible selection of Ethiopian food and shops the city has... read more

Nataya C. Avatar
Nataya C.
5 star rating
5/25/2021 - Yelp

This is the best ethiopian place you'll find! Their food is delicious! LOVE this place!

Megan V. Avatar
Megan V.
5 star rating
4/29/2021 - Yelp

Fantastic food! I have only ordered delivery but it's been delicious every time. My favorites are the Meaza Tibs... read more

Dan C. Avatar
Dan C.
5 star rating
3/22/2021 - Yelp

I ate here before the pandemic and have order several times since. All of the tibbs are really good, and... read more

Christina Shively Avatar
Christina Shively
2/28/2021 - Facebook

Food was fantastic! We has samosas. Four of us shared two veggie platters with lamb, fish and short ribs. We... read more

Carl Tuitt Avatar
Carl Tuitt
1/27/2021 - Facebook

Very tasty and authentic Ethiopian cuisine! I’ll be back for more!

Wayne C. Avatar
Wayne C.
5 star rating
1/07/2021 - Yelp

Yum! I was craving something different for delivery other than the usual pizza, Chinese or Thai. This fit the bill.... read more

Yousi F. Avatar
Yousi F.
4 star rating
1/06/2021 - Yelp

ordered delivery- it came fast and fresh. just word to the wise, the picture captions are a little off,... read more

Engels Chamorro-Nino Avatar
Engels Chamorro-Nino
9/13/2020 - Facebook

great food and service. highly recommended

Alma A. Avatar
Alma A.
5 star rating
8/27/2020 - Yelp

Best food among ethiopian restaurants in falls church area. I have tried many restaurants but the make the most... read more

D S. Avatar
D S.
4 star rating
8/09/2020 - Yelp

First time customer, ordered delivery, the vegetarian combo was delicious, especially the spicy lentils. Potatoes were cooked perfectly tender. We... read more

L L. Avatar
L L.
5 star rating
7/01/2020 - Yelp

This review is for delivery. The injera was delicious, as were the veggie platter and the house special Tibs.... read more

Jennifer Anne Avatar
Jennifer Anne
6/26/2020 - Facebook

My family has been going since I was young, it has always been a favorite. Many of the staff I... read more

Ben H. Avatar
Ben H.
5 star rating
6/18/2020 - Yelp

I have been here very many times with my friends. Excellent food but I must warn you that it can... read more

Gabriel G. Avatar
Gabriel G.
4 star rating
6/10/2020 - Yelp

Out of dozens of Ethiopian places in DC area, this is ours; we've never found its match. Pleasant service and... read more

Amy D. Avatar
Amy D.
5 star rating
6/08/2020 - Yelp

My boyfriend introduced me to this restaurant. He's been going here since junior high. It's so good, definitely my favorite... read more

Ron B. Avatar
Ron B.
5 star rating
5/16/2020 - Yelp

We've been going here for years and almost weekly during the pandemic. We love the food. My daughter and her... read more

Aja Sae-Kung King Avatar
Aja Sae-Kung King
4/11/2020 - Facebook

Thank you Meaza for making my son’s birthday dinner special and for being open during a pandemic! He was so... read more

Wayne K. Avatar
Wayne K.
5 star rating
4/04/2020 - Yelp

Called for curbside pickup during this crisis - they're as pleasant as can be, and the food is as great... read more

Shaina D. Avatar
Shaina D.
5 star rating
3/20/2020 - Yelp

I ordered this to satisfy an Ethiopian food craving during current trials and tribulations and I'm so satisfied with what... read more

Surya J. Avatar
Surya J.
5 star rating
3/02/2020 - Yelp

Seems like an upscale place from the inside. It is located in a corner of a shopping mall with... read more

Tim S. Avatar
Tim S.
5 star rating
2/29/2020 - Yelp

Ordered the Doro Wat with a chicken drumstick and a hardboiled egg which came with collard greens and some goat... read more

Julie Holm Avatar
Julie Holm
2/10/2020 - Facebook

Delicious Ethiopian cuisine. My favorite is Yemisir Wot, spicy red lentils, but the Shiro (spicy ground chickpea paste)... read more

Katrina Combs Avatar
Katrina Combs
1/04/2020 - Facebook

Food is absolutely delicious.....only complaint is that service can be slow. But they are very nice.

Anke M. Avatar
Anke M.
4 star rating
12/03/2019 - Yelp

A local friend invited us to this restaurant to try something different. The atmosphere is ok, furniture etc. a little... read more

Leah P. Avatar
Leah P.
4 star rating
9/03/2019 - Yelp

Love this place! Authentic Ethiopian food. Great value, and the lovely owner always comes around to each table to greet... read more

Kuki Pesoa Avatar
Kuki Pesoa
8/10/2019 - Facebook

Excelente comida buen ambiente y buena atención

James R. Gonzalez Avatar
James R. Gonzalez
7/21/2019 - Facebook

Great food! Highly recommend Meade.

Christopher F. Avatar
Christopher F.
5 star rating
6/04/2019 - Yelp

Delicious! The best is the Meaza Special - beef on the sizzling skillet is wonderful!

Alan Dillon Avatar
Alan Dillon
2/23/2019 - Facebook

Great food, well prepared and authentic

Stephanie H. Avatar
Stephanie H.
5 star rating
2/17/2019 - Yelp

Very nice restaurants with great Ethiopian cuisine. I like this Place for in one hand it is... read more

A M. Avatar
A M.
4 star rating
12/31/2018 - Yelp

Delicious food and friendly waitstaff. The restaurant has a warm atmosphere, great for families and special occasions.

Sofia Hassen Avatar
Sofia Hassen
11/18/2018 - Facebook

The best place to eat the best place to mingle with your friends and her personality and I thank you... read more

Daniel R. Avatar
Daniel R.
4 star rating
10/24/2018 - Yelp

I finally went back to try out the buffet. It is very good. There was a chicken dish and a... read more

David S. Avatar
David S.
5 star rating
10/13/2018 - Yelp

We were in the mood for Ethiopian food. And I wanted to try someplace I had never been. ... read more

Trinh P. Avatar
Trinh P.
5 star rating
9/15/2018 - Yelp

So far this is the cleanest etiophian place I've been to - I work in the medical field so I... read more

Lydia P. Avatar
Lydia P.
5 star rating
8/08/2018 - Yelp

First time dining here yesterday.
I enjoy the food very much. Yummy and spicy just the way I like it....
read more

Ha N. Avatar
Ha N.
5 star rating
7/16/2018 - Yelp

Large restaurant with lots of seating and a small cafe next door. I have bought some Mita mita (spice powder)... read more

Melissa W. Avatar
Melissa W.
4 star rating
7/11/2018 - Yelp

Meaza is a family owned restaurant that serves delicious Ethiopian food - what's not to like? I always get the... read more

Jaime Marschalk Avatar
Jaime Marschalk
7/06/2018 - Facebook

Awesome food, fresh and well prepared. The service is somewhat lax but not obnoxiously so...they make up for it in friendliness.

C. Bascom Slemp P. Avatar
C. Bascom Slemp P.
5 star rating
6/23/2018 - Yelp

We have now eaten there 3 or 4 times and, every time, the food is delicious and the service is... read more

Cardamom P. Avatar
Cardamom P.
5 star rating
6/20/2018 - Yelp

The food was very good. The service was excellent. Even the manager came and checked on us to make sure... read more

Javier P. Avatar
Javier P.
5 star rating
5/22/2018 - Yelp

The food is always delicious and the atmosphere is relaxing I highly recommend this restaurant for a taste of authentic... read more

Sam L. Avatar
Sam L.
4 star rating
4/19/2018 - Yelp

A coworker suggested this place for her send off dinner so a few of us decided to try this place... read more

Ivy C. Avatar
Ivy C.
4 star rating
4/13/2018 - Yelp

Amazing food! It was totally worth the wait for the server to notice us. A little bit of wait but... read more

ZaKia T Wichowski Avatar
ZaKia T Wichowski
3/18/2018 - Facebook

Great food and lovely family! Always welcome and kind atmosphere!

Sam R. Avatar
Sam R.
4 star rating
3/18/2018 - Yelp

First time trying Ethiopian food and it was great! We had tibs and the vegetable platter. They give you bread... read more

Vania V. Avatar
Vania V.
5 star rating
3/11/2018 - Yelp

This is the best Ethiopian restaurant in the area! My husband and I's go to spot for date night, birthday... read more

Jay .. Avatar
Jay ..
4 star rating
3/03/2018 - Yelp

Very good and authentic. The vibes are a bit gloomy for my liking but the food is amazing and it... read more

Leslie U. Avatar
Leslie U.
5 star rating
12/10/2017 - Yelp

I have a very close Ethiopian friend and she FINALLY took me and another friend to an ethiopian restaurant. They... read more

Renwick Mcdonald Avatar
Renwick Mcdonald
10/04/2017 - Facebook

Real food .. great taste .. good folk .. family environment

Jeff Kryger Avatar
Jeff Kryger
10/01/2017 - Facebook

We love this place. The special vegetarian combo is fantastic, especially the spicy lentils and the shiro. Always an enjoyable... read more

Hirut Yemane Avatar
Hirut Yemane
9/12/2017 - Facebook

Such a family atmosphere. Very Spacious. The Food is Delicious with big portions and lots of meat and vegetarian dishes.... read more

Grace R. Avatar
Grace R.
5 star rating
8/12/2017 - Yelp

Best Ethiopian restaurant in the area! The place is owned by an amazing and extremely attentive Ethiopian family that really... read more

Nancy R. Avatar
Nancy R.
5 star rating
7/21/2017 - Yelp

Meaza is our go to place for Ethiopian food. Everything is delicious and the staff is very friendly and... read more

Veto L. Avatar
Veto L.
4 star rating
5/03/2017 - Yelp

I had a great diner here evrythinh was great. Thank you for a great food my mom love... read more

Bev C. Avatar
Bev C.
4 star rating
4/27/2017 - Yelp

The vegetarian sampler was delightful, and the lamb stew tasted great (tho the meat tended to get stuck in our... read more

Jim F. Avatar
Jim F.
5 star rating
4/13/2017 - Yelp

The food is CrAzY gOoD!!! Never have been to a Ethiopian food place and will DEFINITELY BE GOING BACK!!! I... read more

Nisa S. Avatar
Nisa S.
5 star rating
4/11/2017 - Yelp

Food was amazing!!!! Flavorful and delicious!!!Wished we had gotten dessert there but was a little wait on service. Would definitely... read more

Phuong N. Avatar
Phuong N.
5 star rating
4/07/2017 - Yelp

Great food ! Clean , relaxing atmosphere and great customer service !! Definitely will be back

Yeab B. Avatar
Yeab B.
5 star rating
3/12/2017 - Yelp

I just came back from the restaurant today with my family we ate yetom beyaynat vegetable combination it was... read more

Jason L. Avatar
Jason L.
5 star rating
2/24/2017 - Yelp

We've been wanting to come here since we first saw the offer on Groupon, and our experience at lunch today... read more

Louisa Meruvia Avatar
Louisa Meruvia
1/23/2017 - Facebook

It was different, quite tasty, service was fast and efficient, I would recommend it to others to go try it.

Patti Draper Doychak Avatar
Patti Draper Doychak
1/20/2017 - Facebook

Great service. Generous portions. Food was good but not outstanding. I would return.

Danielle S. Avatar
Danielle S.
4 star rating
1/11/2017 - Yelp

This was our first time trying Ethiopian food and we really went in with an open mind and excitement. The... read more

Alan N. Avatar
Alan N.
5 star rating
1/04/2017 - Yelp

Great food. I enjoy spicy food. My favorite here is the spicy lamb tibs. You eat it with a soft... read more

Kelly B. Avatar
Kelly B.
5 star rating
11/27/2016 - Yelp

I love this place! My roommate and I get it at least once a week! The spicy beef tibs and... read more

Anete Mock Avatar
Anete Mock
6/27/2016 - Facebook

Awesome food and entertainment, wonderful atmosphere. Customer service is great.

Anita Bhatnagar Avatar
Anita Bhatnagar
5/16/2016 - Facebook

Always love it. Best Ethiopian food ever. Great owners and staff.

Modish Isaac Avatar
Modish Isaac
11/10/2015 - Facebook

Great food and service. Have been going there over 8 years!

Liz Shirey Bausch Avatar
Liz Shirey Bausch
5/15/2015 - Facebook

Excellent, delicious food!!! Try the iced tea! it was amazing, and So nicely spiced. Service was great, and the... read more

Kenyetta Woods Avatar
Kenyetta Woods
4/11/2014 - Facebook

Great service, good prices, and excellent food! What's not to like.

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