Hands-On Eats: A Deep Dive into Enjoying Ethiopian Food Like a Pro

Hands-On Eats: A Deep Dive into Enjoying Ethiopian Food Like a Pro

This is the first in an occasional series that offers background on some of the most popular cuisines from around the world. First up: Ethiopian. Ethiopia has one of the world’s most singular cuisines, one influenced by foreign ingredients but still wholly its own....

Welcome to Meaza Ethiopian Cuisine

Ethiopian owner Meaza Zemedu’s Meaza Restaurant, Cafe and Gourmet Grocery Store have been featured in such press outlets as the Washingtonian and the Washington Post was born of humble roots. Meaza Zemedu started her business by supplying local Ethiopian stores with her home-baked injera bread, a crepelike staple of Ethiopian cuisine.

Demand for the tangy bread grew, allowing her to open her majestic restaurant, which welcomes guests to dine on traditional Ethiopian fare. Northern Virginia Magazine heaped praise upon the menu, including the doro wat stew—the national dish of Ethiopia—which includes chicken, red pepper, garlic, and hard-boiled eggs. Many of Meaza’s dishes are flavored with purified, spiced Ethiopian butter, from the ye beg kikil—lamb stew in spicy sauce—to the kifto—ground beef traditionally served raw or rare and mixed with cardamom and a mitmita spice blend. The chefs still bake Zemedu’s injera from teff grain as a ubiquitous side and utensil alongside the fare.

Our complex Ethiopian spice blends enchant guests throughout our 7,000-square-foot space—which comprises a dining room, gourmet grocery store, and banquet hall—as they admire portraits of Ethiopian emperors painted on lambskins. Throughout three elevated tiers, white and red cloths coat each table and patrons recline into patterned cushioned chairs. Sweeping bands of color swirl and draw eyes toward the ceiling, enhancing the dining room’s air of spaciousness.

Meaza Ethiopian Cuisine, servicing the best Ethiopian food in Falls Chruch, VA for over 15 years.

What Our Customers Say About Us

Audrey G. Avatar
Audrey G.
4 star rating
1/04/2022 - Yelp

We've been going to Meaza restaurant for many years and have always been happy with their food. Sometimes service... read more

Art G. Avatar
Art G.
5 star rating
1/01/2022 - Yelp

Amazing food... could be a local favorite if the service would improve. Most importantly, remove the grumpy old lady that... read more

Polina K. Avatar
Polina K.
4 star rating
12/10/2021 - Yelp


Food: DELICIOUS. I absolutely love this place, it delivers every time. I'm even thinking moving closer so I can have...
read more

Lexy A. Avatar
Lexy A.
5 star rating
11/14/2021 - Yelp

AMAZING food, I cannot stop ordering, thank you so much for putting up with my cravings!

DeVonne Robertson Avatar
DeVonne Robertson
10/24/2021 - Google

I’ve been visiting this restaurant for about 15 years! This is my go-to place for a fine lunch after church... read more

Enrique A. Avatar
Enrique A.
5 star rating
10/15/2021 - Yelp

Great food! We've been coming since 2010 Owner came to check on us frequently as usual! Love the food and service!


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